What are we about?

The Grange Cafe brings the meaning of ‘local’ to a whole new level. Our menu features many of the region’s best ingredients hand-delivered by local farms, cheese and dairy from local artisans, and the highest quality meat and game available. Come join us and experience a menu that will leave your taste buds asking for more!


The History of the Building – The Silver Spoon to The Grange

The Silver Spoon restaurant began its history in 1970 on the north end of Main Street. A pay phone outside was used for business calls. There were two storefronts to the building. The north side housed the local redneck’s barbershop and the south side housed the colorful new hangout and cafe. The Spoon was sold and moved to the south end of town, the Cherry Valley Grange Hall, in 1975.

In 1977 Donna Waddington and Ed Beeson bought the restaurant and bakery. The Spoon served up delicious arts and crafts as well as fine food and amazing live music upstairs after dinner. The owners furnished the restaurant in an honest (cheap) and funky array of tables, chairs, dishes and silverware. Local artists sold pottery and art throughout the dining room where customers sat at tables covered with vintage strawberries, violets, poinsettias and state maps. Although its fame made it a destination for restaurant goers from far outside of Duvall, it belonged to the vivid local color who called it home seven days a week.

When the current owners opened The Grange Café in Duvall in 2007, they set out to offer local and organic food on their menu. They also are the original owners of the Grateful Bread Bakery in Seattle and recently opened a Grateful Bread Bakery across the street from the Grange in Duvall.

from The Duvall Historical Society